Riley's Information

Breed: Catahoula Leopard/Mixed Breed,
Gender: Male
Age Range: 3 Years
Can live with: Dogs,
Spayed/neutered: Yes
Location: Everett, WA

Riley can be cautious at first, but once he warms up he just wants to snuggle and hear he’s a good boy. He would prefer that all his new human friends go slow and easy at first (with lots of treats for positive reinforcement), so he can learn you’re one of the good guys! We think he had some not so great people in his past, so he can get nervous around some men and bite if things move too quickly (he’s never broken skin or caused serious injury). Once he’s comfortable with you, he is a lifelong friend (and pretty mellow).

Riley is very treat motivated and a quick learner! He is fully house trained and knows several commands and words (sit, stay, kennel up (go to dog bed), crate (go into crate), wait, release, come, shake, turn around, bed/bedtime, mom, and dad). He’s a big fan of routine, and loves to go alone to “Snug City” (our human bed) at the end of the day to unwind before he happily retreats to his own crate when you say “bedtime.” After being adopted from a shelter, Riley had some training sessions and his progress has been remarkable!

Riley enjoys daily walks and zooming in the yard. He’s also a great hiker. However, he isn’t able to be your long distance running buddy due to a heart condition (which he has received treatment for and it is well managed). He takes daily meds (about $6 per month) and will need annual heart check ups. He is current on all vaccines, neutered, and microchipped.

Riley has been living with his current family since January 3, 2020. He needs a new home because his parents are getting licensed to foster kiddos and aren’t sure how he will do with lots of new little friends. The ideal home for Riley would have a fence so he can roam without encountering strangers, no children (he may do well with children over 12 who are dog savvy), no cats, and owners who are eager to go at Riley’s pace and watch for his signs of discomfort when meeting new people. Riley has never met another dog he doesn’t like, and would do great with a mellow dog to help teach him “how to dog” and relax.

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