Kesar's Information

Breed: Indian Pariah Dog,
Gender: Male
Age Range: 2 Years
Can live with:
Spayed/neutered: Yes
Location: Kirkland

Don’t we all want that someone who would take a chance on us? That’s how I feel too! I’d be perfect for an individual/couple who wants to add a new furry family member to their pack. I’m 2 years old, 35 pounds, house trained, kennel trained, neutered and up to date on all my vaccinations.

I was born on the streets of India in Jan 2019, rescued at 1 month old and brought over to the US at age 9 months. I have been living with my present family since. They believe there’s a perfect setting out here for me and will do their best to find it.

I’m shy at first and prefer slow, low pressure introductions to people. Once I warm up to you and trust that you won’t hurt me – I am very loving and you will keep coming back to you for pets and treats! I love to cuddle on the couch and sleep with my pack. I’m very trainable for tricks and already know a lot of English and over 15 cues!

I thrive in:
– Being outdoors in large yards/farm, where I will chase squirrels, crows, rabbits and other vermin. I love playing with a flirt pole and my current family uses it to control and train my prey drive.
– I’m a great guard dog and get along with goats and chickens. I would love to live in a farm or ranch setting where I will make sure to keep the coyotes & raccoons out.
– I love my indoor kennel area where I can choose my schedule for the day.
– Going for hikes and road trips where I sniff new smells and have new experience in life.

I can’t be trusted in:
– I am the only dog in my present home but I have a couple of doggie friends and have hung out with them indoors. I can live with others of my kind but will require you to monitor our interactions in the beginning. I have fearful aggression and have fought with dogs before so you have to make sure I always wear my muzzle when I got out to town.
– I tend to guard my food and toys and will look to you to for management and not give me any opportunities to guard things.
– I have hung out with children before but never lived with them. I could do ok with older children who know that I don’t like to be surprised, hit, tugged.

I have a few other quirks – but my humans will let you know of those if you are interested.

I ideally I would do best with humans that have experience dealing with fearful aggressive dogs. With aggression/reactive training and introductory obedience training I would be a perfect dog. Please feel free to ask my humans other questions. They will be doing an interview process and work with you for any support you need to make sure I have an easy transition and get a good owner/pack leader.

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