Diesel's Information

Breed: Great Pyrenees,
Gender: Male
Age Range: 6 Years
Can live with:
Spayed/neutered: Yes
Location: Redmond, Wa

Diesel is the best, big love. He’s 100 pounds of wanting to be a lapdog. He wants to live with someone he can give his big ole heart to all day. We adopted him as a pup when we had 5 acres for his to roam, multiple hikes, mountain bike rides and trail runs every week to keep him happy. Sadly, my husband at the time thought it would be “fun” to teach him to attack other dogs. We’ve all been able to leave that situation and recover, but once or twice a year a switch goes off in his head and Diesel becomes violent. It’s very rare, but I can no longer handle it. He needs more than I can provide and it’s breaking my heart to come to the conclusion that it’s best for him if I find him a better situation.
Diesel would thrive as an only dog so he wouldn’t have to share your love with any other pet, and although he loves children, I wouldn’t leave them alone together until I was sure he’d adopted them as his own.
Diesel is the goodest boy 99% of the time. He love going on walks, although nothing too long. Pyrs tend to have an internal “done” timer, and it’s a bugger getting him to move once he’s decided he’s done. He loves camping but is really best around the house where he can walk the perimeter to keep everyone safe from all things scary (marauders, leaves, low-flying birds). I’ve gotten him used to going on a paddle board with me, as long as he thinks we’re chasing ducks. Be careful though – when a 100# dog shifts his weight around you may be in for a swim! He LOVES the snow. When it’s cold outside and everyone tells you to bring your pet inside, leave him out. He prefers an inch or two of snow buildup on his back.
Diesel is very healthy. As a nurse I only take my dogs to the vet if it’s something I can’t treat. He’s only been in for an ear infection once. All shots done. He gets Costco kibbles twice a day, supplemented by a stew I make for my dogs from the weeks leftovers. He’ll do almost anything for popcorn. He doesn’t have a sensitive stomach, but like all Pyrs, may decide not to eat for a few days.
Diesel is often the center of attention in crowds – he’s big, white, smiling, and generally just wants someone to sit there and pet him. He may not like some tall men (I think they remind him of my ex), so be wary of introductions. Once he’s decided they’re worth his loving, all is good.

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